ConnectCV Website FAQ's

Listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions relating to ConnectCV's products and services. If the answer you require cannot be found here, use the contact support link to send your enquiry and we will do our best to help.

General FAQs

Privacy FAQs

Login/Profile FAQs

Using ConnectCV FAQs

General FAQs

What is a ConnectCV?

A ConnectCV is an online version of a traditional CV that also includes an online profile and visual portfolio. Using innovative web functionality, your ConnectCV delivers information in an interactive and professional format, instantly engaging employers and powerfully promoting your key attributes and experience. Back to top

What are the benefits of creating a ConnectCV?

ConnectCV allows you to create a professional CV in minutes with a user-friendly CV builder and a host of innovative career management tools that ensure you ready for any job opportunity. Within your free online career manager, you can create a professional profile, visual portfolio, and multiple CVs. You can also compile and track professionally formatted job applications, create store cover letters, collect and manage references, and store copies of certificates and other important information. You can also choose to broadcast your CV on any linked CV Board, as well as make it visible on web search engines like Google. Back to top

Why would I create multiple CVs on ConnectCV?

Every position that you apply for will be slightly different in some way. It's therefore important that you tailor your CV by adjusting your key responsibilities and experience to match the opportunities you are interested in. The ability to create multiple CVs within your ConnectCV account makes the job of tailoring your CV much more convenient. You are then able to simply select the most suitable version as the basis of your tailored CV, saving yourself valuable time and effort. Back to top

Can I delete one of my CVs?

You can delete any CV within your account. Keep in mind that deleting a CV means that any content you have added to it will be lost forever. Embedded items such as images and references will remain within the career assets section of your ConnectCV account even if you delete a CV in which they are embedded. Back to top

Can I upload my Word CV into ConnectCV?

You can upload your Word CV only on initial signup. This should be considered only as a temporary measure as a Word CV does not possess the powerful search visibility and interactive elements of a ConnectCV. We recommend that as soon as possible after uploading a Word CV, you upgrade to a ConnectCV. Back to top

Can I upload my own LinkedIn profile into ConnectCV?

You can upload your LinkedIn profile only on initial signup. The content of your LinkedIn profile will automatically populate the relevant sections of your ConnectCV however we recommend that as soon as possible after uploading your LinkedIn profile, you review, and where required complete your ConnectCV. Back to top

What Internet browsers are supported by ConnectCV?

We support the current and previous major releases of the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Safari Mobile
  • Android

Note: There's a known bug in Android browsers prior to the 4.4 version, so please ensure you're using a patched version or another browser like mobile Chrome.

Each time a new browser version is released, we begin supporting that version and stop supporting the third most recent version. For example, if the current version of Internet Explorer is 11, we support Internet Explorer 11 and Internet Explorer 10.

Internet Explorer 9 users: With the release of Internet Explorer 11 on 10/17/13, Internet Explorer 9 is no longer supported.
Using older browser versions can prevent you from accessing ConnectCV, and/or some features on the site may not function as expected. Using the latest browsers also provide better encryption and security.

For the best site experience, we recommend keeping your browser up-to-date. Check out this site to view the latest versions of the browsers.

  • If a site feature still doesn't work as expected.
  • Try using a different browser as a temporary workaround.
  • If you're using Internet Explorer, try disabling Internet Explorer's compatibility mode.

If you've tried these solutions but continue experiencing issues, contact us via the contact support link and include the following details:

  • An explanation of the issue.
  • The browser and version you were using.
  • The operating system and version on your computer.
  • A screenshot of your issue.

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Privacy FAQs

Can I control who has access to my CV?

At ConnectCV we take security and privacy seriously. That's why we've implemented security methods and a range of privacy settings that allow you to control who has access to your CV. You can adjust your ConnectCV visibility to suit you individual needs at any time by clicking on the visibility icon in the CV management menu. Back to top

How does ConnectCV protect my personal information?

Online security is taken very seriously at ConnectCV. As well as protecting the information within your account through system-wide encryption methods, ConnectCV allows you to choose a level of privacy that best suits your needs. Take the time to review all our online security recommendations to ensure you are protecting your information from unauthorised access. Back to top

Login/Profile FAQS

I have forgotten my password. How do I create a new one?

Simply click on the Forgot Password link in the login feature and enter your username or login email. A reset password email will be sent to your login email address. If you no longer have access your login email address, use the contact us form to notify us of the issue and we will verify your identity before updating your information. Back to top

How do I change my password, login email or username?

You can easily edit your account profile information by clicking on your Profile link located in the top right corner of your account, click on the Account link, and then select the details you would like to edit.Back to top

Can I close my ConnectCV account?

You can close your ConnectCV account at any time but keep in mind that any information you have entered will be lost forever. If you have privacy concerns, these may be resolved by adjusting your ConnectCV visibility settings� which if you require, can be set to invisible to all outside of your account via the visibility icon in the CV Builder. If you would still like to close your ConnectCV account, click on your Profile link located in the top right corner, click on the Account link, and then the Close your Account tab in the left hand menu. Back to top

Creating a ConnectCV FAQs

Do I need to complete every section of the CV builder?

Each CV builder template pre-selects CV sections and their order of appearance, however you can add and remove sections as well as drag and drop to reorder sections to suit your own unique requirements. For more information on what to include in your CV check out our tips and hints section.Back to top

I've made a mistake on my CV, how can I fix it?

You can edit your CV at any time. Simply click on the item you would like to edit in the CV builder to open it in edit mode, and make your desired edits. Once you have finished remember to save your edits. Back to top

Can I hide sections within my CV?

To hide a section, either drag it from active down to available sections in the left hand menu (accessed via the menu icon in the top left of the CV builder), or click on the relevant section's visibility icon to access the hide function. Hidden sections will not loose any content and can be re-added at any time by reversing the process.Back to top

Can I reorder sections within my CV?

To re-order a section, either drag it to its desired position in the left hand menu (accessed via the menu icon in the top left of the CV builder), or click and hold the section's drag-and-drop icon in the top right of the section, and drag the section to where you would like it to appear. Back to top

I'm having trouble uploading a scanned document... what should I do?

You may only upload certain file types, and the file size limit is 2MB. Please double-check that the file you are trying to upload is a doc, txt, pdf, gif, jpg or png and that it is less than 2MB. If you continue to have difficulties, use the contact support link to notify us of the issue. Back to top

How do I apply for a job from within my account?

From within the CV Builder, click on the share icon in the management menu at top right to open the share function. Select the items you would like to include in your application and if required, set an expiry date for your CV weblink. The system will generate a pre-formatted application email, with an embedded WebLink to your live CV and any attachments such as a cover letter and/or supporting documents you have chosen to add. The result is a powerful and professional job application every time! Learn more about applying for jobs in the tips and hints section. Back to top

Do I need to include a cover letter with my application?

Although not required, it is normal practice for a cover letter to accompany a job application unless requested otherwise by the employer. It is important to read the job advertisement carefully as certain employers will ask that specific requirements be met in the cover letter. This may include the length, content and how to respond to the key selection criteria. For more information on what to include in your cover letter check out our tips and hints section. Back to top