Security Tips

We recommend that you that you take the time to read the following advice regarding internet security and protecting your personal privacy. Being aware of these issues further protects you whilst operating online.

Choosing the right password.

Choosing the right password is crucial in preventing identity theft and potential online fraud. It is important when choosing a new password to consider these general Do's and Don'ts.

Password Do's...

Choose a password that is a combination of letters and/or numbers. Ensure your password is unique and difficult to guess. Is longer rather than shorter. We recommend at least 6 letters. Use different passwords for all your web accounts so that if somebody has access to one account they don't instantly have access to all your accounts.

Password Don'ts...

Avoid the use of family names, pets, street addresses, license plates, work-related names, etc for passwords. Avoid general common names or titles such as '123456', mypassword, password, or your username. Choose a password that is difficult to remember or needs to be written down.

Fraudulent emails.

ConnectCV will never send emails requesting personal information such as contact details, bank account details, passwords or credit card numbers. As part of our security policy ConnectCV emails will never offer quick links to any of our login areas. If you are unsure whether or not an email has been sent to you via ConnectCV please contact us and we will advise if we require any additional information from you.

Protect your personal identity further by not giving out your personal details to 3rd parties. Be aware of scam operations where 3rd parties request personal information relating to your bank account details, credit card numbers or your Tax File Number for example.

Keep your device clean.

Be on the lookout for the common signs that your device might be infected with malware-malicious software designed to harm your device or network-and keep your computers antivirus software and avoidance practices up to date.

Update your Browser.

Keep your browser updated to the latest version as malware often exploits browser weakness to gain access to your device and personal information.

Protecting your transactions.

All of your personal information is encrypted with industry leading SSL Web Server Certificate. SSL ensures that your information is kept secure and protects the use of your credit card to when making a payment online. However, whilst we use our best endeavors to protect all such information at all times, we cannot be responsible for any unauthorised access to information on our site.